• 40° South

    40º South are making a special appearance at FOKI 2020, bringing together locally grown talent for an original, up-beat, eclectic sound to 'rock the Rock'. With an album full of great tracks inspired by the paradise that is King Island, 40º South proudly perform such anthemic tracks as 'Gone Diving', 'Lighthouse Street' and 'Abattoir Blues'. Don't miss out!

  • Clare Woodburn

    We are thrilled to announce that Clare will be returning once again from the UK to perform at FOKI. With her acoustic guitar morphed with her enchanting voice, Clare's songs from the heart will pull at your emotions like the siren's call to mariners of yore. We can't wait to hear her on stage again.

  • Rusty Falcon

    Rusty Falcon is the metaphorical musical phoenix to have emerged from the local King Island music scene. Think of Mark Knopfler morphing into Paul Kelly and topped off with a big dash of Talking Heads ... when you hear his debut single "Stranger In Town" you'll know what we mean.

  • Blair Holland

    Blair is an ex-islander, returning to his old stomping ground with his guitar and a performance that will wow the locals.