• The Getaway Plan

    The Getaway Plan is a rock band from Melbourne. Formed in 2004, these lads have a mix of rock that will leave you hungry to continue discovering their music long after they stop. The band took up the opportunity to jump onboard FOKI after playing Friday night with a great lineup including The Hoodoo Gurus in Hobart.

  • Brian Ritchie Trio

    Brian Ritchie (Violent Femmes, The Break, and curator of Mona Foma) will be performing jazz and Japanese music on shakuhachi. Joining Brian will be Blaise Garza (saxophonist for Violent Femmes) and Yyan Ng (Taiko - Japanese drums). Brian also plans to join some of the other acts onstage - this will be something special folks !!!

  • Andrew Swift

    Andrew has recently charged into the alt-Country/Americana scene with the release of his 2nd album "Call Out For The Cavalry". Have a listen to "Fire and Ice" and you'll understand why Andrew is a finalist in 4 categories of the Golden Guitar awards in 2019. 

  • Tom Richardson

    Here is Tom Richardson - talented artist and lovely human being. Combining his love of music, yoga, travelling and ocean culture, Tom also loves finding the time whilst travelling the world to empower ambitious, wheelchair bound youths through adaptive surfing and skating programs, through the organisations ‘Ocean Healing Group’ and ‘Sharing The Stoke’.

  • Gretta Ziller

    Gretta is an alt-Country/Americana performer whose roots span jazz, blues, rock, pop and classical. Gretta has a family connection to the island, and if you listen to her "Slaughterhouse Blues" you could feel that it has been written for King Island. 

  • The Saxons

    Local lad Tom Youd is part of the "on fire" 4-piece indie/rock/alternative band, The Saxons. Based in Launceston, these lads have been smashing it since their first appearance at FOKI in 2015. Listen to them here and check them out at the festival.

  • The Spindrift Saga

    The Spindrift Saga are a hard-hitting alternative/indie trio searching for inspiration tucked away in a desolate corner of a local beach break. The Spindrift Saga is chuffed to be likened to the masters of the 90’s alternative scene (such as the Incubus, Chilli Peppers, Soundgarden, Rage Against The Machine, and The Stone Temple Pilots). Check out their hit "Marvin".

  • Laura Hill

    Laura Hill is a singer-songwriter in the great traditions of the craft: fearless, inventive, evocative and honest. A voice that has to be heard to be believed: with range, depth and searing emotion. Her soulful blend of folk/blues is delivered heart-on-sleeve, tempered with a gentle wit, laughter and a thousand tiny insights. Enjoy!

  • Rose Zita Falko

    Rose Zita Falko's songs have been described as ‘western noir’ - a blend of whisky-smooth Americana and sophisticated jazz and soul tones. Rose's EP "Original Son", released in June 2018, is superb listening - reminding us of Belgian super-group 'Vaya Con Dios'.

  • True Spirit Revival

    YOGA & MUSIC.  True Spirit Revival is the exciting collaboration between Canadian-born yoga instructor, Kimberly Erin, and Australian singer-songwriter, Tom Richardson. Flow with your breath in uplifting yoga practices that consciously merges live music with body, mind and heart. Reconnect your own strength, beauty, sould and truth… 

  • MC - Miss K

    A very nervous welcome to Miss K - our Mistress of Ceremonies for FOKI 2019. Miss K is brash, sexy, controversial and, dare we say it, slightly insane. Listing her interests as "Men, Alcohol, Fans ..." we think the less said the better! Dangerously armed with a guitar, microphone and razor wit we have no idea where this runaway trainwreck will end. Fingers crossed and hold on tight everyone!

  • 2018 Artists

    Bobby Alu - King Social - Wanderers - Silent Garden - Tom Richardson - Ange Boxall - Pete Cornelius - Cygnet Jazz Collective - 40° South - Rusty Falcon - Flicking the Switch - Clare Woodburn - The Lankys - True Spirit Revival - Emily Holebrook - Joy Bhatti.

  • 2016 Artists

    Elliot Maginot - Boo Seeka - Bootleg Rascal - Lyall Moloney - Claire Anne Taylor - The Spindrift Saga - New Black Shades - Leash & the Dusty Boots - The Mud Peas - Nick Saxon - ZAP - 40º South - Clare Woodburn

  • 2014 Artists

    Kim Churchill - Benjalu - Cameron Oates - Red Whyte - Ashleigh Mannix - Dane Overton - Trez - "Local Band" - Found but Still Lost - Sophie Thorn - Liam Barnes - Dirty with The Country - Kelly Lancaster

  • 2013 Artists

    Tim Woodburn - Scott Petric - Clare Woodburn - Trez - Sophie Thorn - Red Whyte - Richard Kerr & Lucas & Bree - Cameron Oates - Kim Churchill